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Ankara Sunday

Good Morning Lovelies, Sunday was all about flowing long dress and I choose this multi-patterned purple number because it just has a way of bringing a smile to my face and making me feel good all day round.
As it already had gold accents on it, I decided to go with gold jewelries to complement the look. Hope you guys love it.

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Good Morning Lovlies, Today look is a beautiful black backless jumpsuit. At first, I was deathly afraid of rocking it because I don't know how people who rock backless clothes keep their boobs pecky but on trying it out the first day I could not care less about my boobs as my entire focus was on how I looked damn hot. And that was how it came about and am sure you would agree that the jumpsuit is stunning all on its own.
 I made sure not to overwhelm the look by keeping every other item mellow. What are your thoughts?


I have been wanting to go back to blogging for the longest time now but I have always managed to talk myself out of it. I have written post upon post upon post and just kept them hidden on my computer without publishing. However, this year, I have chosen to focus on things that make me happy and do them more which include but are not limited to going out with my friends, taking up more volunteer work and going on a damn good vacation.
I hope you all forgive me, the past year was emotionally draining and frightful but i won't change it for anything because it taught me to learn to live in  the moment cause you may never have them again, make decisions with your interest as a top priority because others won't really matter after a while and don't ever let fear (in which ever form or channel it comes) to make you take a decision you will live to regret (I learnt this the hard way).

So, yes I had a lot of trials, tribulations, sickness and emotional low but I also had a lot of h…


Good Morning Lovelies, hope you all are having an amazing day.
 This look was taken on Saturday when I felt like a free spirit and just wanted to soar unstopped by anything or anyone. I just got this kimono not long ago and have just been loving every moment with it. Here I paid it with a black halter jumpsuit, sandals and my trusty sling bag. Voila and you have your boho chic look. Enjoy the pictures below and I hope to hear from you guys.


My first attempt at incorporating a turban without wearing a trad went amazing well. I have been tying turbans and scarves a lot lately (and no it isn't religious more like my culture) but never tried it with a top and pants. So today, I decided to break that norm and use a turban with whatever I choose to wear. Hence, this outfit. What are your thoughts?.

Holiday Snapshot

Good Morning Lovlies, Hope you're all having an awesome day. Just wanted to show you guys my holiday diary that I spent with my family. It was a brief stay but I tried as much as possible to have as much fun as possible.
Don't worry, I won't bore you guys with so many photos of the time well spent but a few won't hurt either.


Good Morning Lovelies and wishing you all a gorgeous Wednesday. My look today centers around this gorgeous blue number.
     With a varying take on the LBD (which in my case is a Little Blue Dress), I elevated the look with my trusted pink and red pumps with a choker and my Marc Jacobs shade which equals simple but fun party look.

Hope you all love it.