Friday, January 30, 2015


Good morning dearies and Happy weekend, This weekend would not be a restful one for me at all but it is all good (I think am up for it). Anyway after my hair mishap, I decided to wear a weave for a while so I won't have to be reminded of the chop and all. Guess what I did, I got a fringe. Yep, I look like a doll and I kind of like it.

 In my unique sense, I wore a turtle neck with a unique back. I love a sexy understated look.

 What do you think of my look, yay or nay?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Good Morning dearies, happy Wednesday to you all. So yesterday I went to the saloon to get a trim and ended up with a haircut. Till today I can't explain the mis-communication that occurred, I said trim my hair he heard cut my hair. It was terrible because I have been growing out my hair for more than a year and this was my first trim ever. Now I have to start all over again *sobbing. Fortunately, everyone seems to like the new haircut aside from moi (regrettably). See the photos below of my new hair (sad).

What do you think of my new haircut?

Cool or nay and I tried my hands at a faux doughnut, it really harder with kinky hair and straightening it out won't still work at this point.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Same Blazer, Different Outfit

Yesterday, I learnt something about apologies. Apologizing is not necessarily for the person you are apologizing to but for you. Dicey ha but it is true, being forthcoming and sincere does not mean you would be received with open hands but you would feel more at peace with yourself. This quote really spoke to me about this 
Enough about that, today I decided to wear my Asos blazer again but this time with just a black pant and white tank. It was simple but sometimes simplicity is all you need.
 what are your thoughts? would love to read them.

Friday, January 23, 2015


Good Morning dears and Happy weekend, so today I went a bit blue crazy and I loved it. I just acquired a blazer from Asos earlier in the year and I have being incorporating it into my outfit but this is its first appearance on my blog.

  Being Friday, it meant I could go business casual with my outfit. My trusty skinnies (from Only) and my light-weight sweater completed my casual business look. By the way, since I have gotten really big, it was a real sweat to pull up my pants across my hip but alas I travailed lol.

 Another piece I love so much in this outfit is the sweater. The front is all business and the back is a bit on the sexy but not appalling side.

 What do you think, a hit or nah?, would love to read your thoughts in the comment section. Happy Weekend once again.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jumpsuit Corporate

Good morning dearies, happy Wednesday all. Today, I will be showing you my take on jumpsuit at work and as usual am still on my black and blue combo streak. 

 I have been wearing flat for a while now because of a knee injury but a pair of gorgeous heels can totally work for this.
Since I had to be on flat, I made sure to have a statement necklace on and a bold lip to distract from the lack of heels.

 I obviously wore the jacket throughout the day, since it is work period but after work, a switch of shoes and losing the jacket would elevate the outfit to an outing wear.

BTW, the jumpsuit came with a tiny belt but since I wanted to go bold, I switched the belt to a bolder one to exaggerated a tiny waist and bigger hips.
 Hope you love my look, would love to hear from you.

Friday, January 16, 2015


As you all know, Friday is dress down day at work and I have recently being into blue and black combo. I can't really pinpoint why but I have being wearing the same combo for a while now. Anyway, today at work I wore my black delicate and a bit transparent (a lot I guessI top with my ever trusty denim for and all together laid back look.

 Finally, you get to see how big I have gotten. Everyone is either complaining about it or really loving it. There is no inbetweeners but I am already on my weight loss journey which unfortunately is what I do every year around this time lol.

Most of my clothes are currently useless to me, so it's really either I start buying sizes bigger or lose the weight and since I don't have the funds right now to change my entire closet, it would only be smart to lose the weight. What do you think?
 Then I had to take selfies just for fun haha.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Good afternoon Dearies, Just wanted to upload a couple of my holiday snapshots for your perusal. As usual it was back to villa for family reunion which is always fun (madly fun). Had a few parties here and there, and finally went for Oguta Carnival (sorry but I didn't take any pictures of that). Hopefully next year, I will finally make it for Calabar or Abuja Carnival. I loved every moment of the holiday and hopped it would not stop but alas am back to normal life with a huge belly as testament (now I got to start exercising to lose the belly fat hahaha). Enough of my blabbling, see the pictures below:

 Yeah, I couldn't resist taking a picture with the Christmas tree, nor could I resist dressing up as Santa. It's just part of the holiday spirit. Hope you like the snapshots. Would love to hear from you in the comment section.