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The Hat Game

I have never seen a cap or hat I didn't like. And it is amazing how obsessed I get when I find a new hat whether it belongs to me or not. The one I wore today is my colleague's and I got him to give it to me (I think it did fit me better that it did him lol).

 In my country, this hat is worn by the Hausa tribe. Funny enough, I have worn hats by the three major tribes in my country and native hats always have a way of coming to me. Next stop on my tribal hat hunt is the minority tribes hats  (I can totally do it).

I am still on my weight loss journey since going through a Thyroid phase late last year. The sickness is being treated and I am happy that so far I have being responding to treatments but the weight gain and heat wave I have to combat with is not really fun as my country's climatic conditions aren't exactly cool but thankfully the raining days are here once again and I don't have to stay awake all night hoping that hundred showers would make me feel bette…

Sunday Stripes

Good evening dearies and hope your week started off well. Recently I have being experimenting with my make-up and this Sunday wasn't any different. My make-up artiste and friend (fadeshynes) did this amazing nude make-up but with a bit of drama around the eye and I loved it.

 I decided to wear stripes on Sunday and I particularly love this one I have on because it is good for getting stuck in an air-conditioned room but at the same time would not leave you sweating under the sun. I cropped my pants to show of my shoes and I loved the overall effect (effortless).

 Have a lovely week and I love to read your comment on my look.


Good Morning dearies, hope your weekend was amazing. Election period is finally over here and there is some much peace right now I couldn't be happier. So today, I decided to upload what I wore on Easter Sunday.

 And lastly, I am very grateful to be alive today after the threat of the Lagoon (lol). Have a wonderful week.


Good Evening, sorry for my late post but I have being so busy trying to finish work and still have fun for the holiday. So this was my outfit for the "good Friday" which was amazingly fun and I believe I added like 30 pounds in one day.

I felt classy yet down under (if you know what I mean) and it was perfect for running around and having fun.

Am so sad that the holiday is over but I do really need to get back to work and all, so long holiday.