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My Week Under Review

Good Morning dearies, sorry I have being MIA for a while now but I would just use this post to highlight my last two weeks.
Firstly, on Sunday was my sister's wedding anniversary and it was fun (at least for the both of them). Then, Saturday was the presidential election here and so far it has being incident free (which is amazing) Well before all that, I was sick (really sick) and the doctor attributed it to stress and put me on bed rest (well at least, I got to be off work hahaha).
And last but not the least, Easter is around the corner and I am confused as to what to do. Family reunion, Reunion with my friends, My colleague's wedding, My friend's wedding, The Weekend with my Sis and Church Retreat (so confused right now and Easter is in less than two days).
And this is my happy smile because I have an amazing news but I am not allowed to share it now but soon my dearies sooon.


Good day dearies, Saturday was a raining day but I wanted to take photos for my blog, So what does crazy me do, go out in the rain and got those pictures taken. Yeap, I am that crazy. I got the photos taken but I was thoroughly wet by the end of the shoot.

Yeah, I had an umbrella but it became a sort of an accessory instead of an umbrella as I never used it to cover myself. You can see from the photos that I was soaking wet but it didn't stop me.
 The weather was really dark and the photos unclear but I enjoyed playing in the rain. It brought out the child in me. Then I had a friend that is also a make-up artiste (fadeshynes) make me up and I loved my look, different for me but I loved it.

 What do you think? Crazy cool or Crazy crazy? lol.

Do have an amazing week.


The hair is a very important part of any lady, so basically treating your hair like crap is a huge no no for me and right from when I was young my mum taught me the power of getting help to look amazing which all started with the hair. Hair gives you confidence and swag especially when they are healthy, bouncy and stunning. Research has show that continuous brushing of ones hair can led to hair damage hence the propoundment of wide toothed combs which is all fair and good for someone who has time in the morning to go through that process but for working women who may or may not have families, time is of the essence and with hair extension you can achieve that good look and still save time.

Most of you know that I transitioned to natural hair last year and since then extensions have being one of my best friends. Having a kinky hair like mine means you got to have a lot of patience and time on your hand to manage it especially if it is a coarse as mine but with UU hair extensions you h…


Good morning dearies, sorry am posting late but had an early morning meeting that took most of my time. Anyway as you know, I have being customer facing these few days and hence I have had room to experiment with my outfits that I would ordinary never dare to wear to work. Today's outfit is a simple black and white dress which I didn't want to look boring in so I piled on the necklaces and finished off with a patterned heels.

 As you can see, the dress is a bit short (I love minis, I know you can tell) but it still works especially with a jacket which I had on through out the day but didn't snap with.

 Thank you for all your comments on my last post, I really did appreciate it and would love to know your thoughts on this post. Have an amazing week ahead dearies.

Blue Love

Good morning dearies, hope you all are having a wonderful week. Mine has being somewhat amazing. I have just being feeling really at peace, cool, calm and collected for a while now. Maybe it is the fact that I have learnt to accept myself (flaws and all), or maybe because I no longer stress out over uncertainties ( I take it one day at a time), or maybe I am finally happy without attributing it to any achievement or person (God all the way) but one thing I know for sure is that everyday I wake up, I wake up with a new drive that I haven't experienced in a long time and I would not want it any other way. I know I write a lot sometimes, so I would just cut to the chase. You all know my love for the color blue and it reflect time and time again on this blog so yesterday I decided to go all blue with my outfit but in two different shades and I loved the look. This top is boxy and a size 10 (Uk size) which is a lot bigger than my current size but I love the loose fitting and the chall…


Happy Monday to you all, hope the day hasn't being stressful. I have a really short time to post so no stories here. Just wanted to bring you my Sunday outfit.

 I have been looking for the perfect stripe top for a while now (I do have stripe tops mainly black and white) but never saw any color I loved better than B&W until I saw this top. It was love at first sight or wear (can't really remember) and a perfect addition to any outfit. This is my casual spin of the top and the office appropriate way to wear this top would come soon.
 I obviously paired it with my trusty distressed boyfriend jeans and my new Guess booties.

 The back of an outfit are usually the most intriguing part for me, so I tend to buy clothes with interesting twist at the back like this top.

 I have also being into big tops of late, I don't really know why but I have being buying top in sizes 10-12 (Uk sizes) while I am a size 8 and everyone keeps complaining that they can't borrow my clothes an…


Happy Friday dearies, just wanted to upload my Thursday outfit for you and all. And as you all know, I can never resist a good black and white photo. They are always so magical.

This outfit is really different from the norm for me but I loved the combination. I can't really put my hand on what it was about it but I loved it. 
 What do you think on this outfit? cool or weird?

Career Success Tips For The Newbie

Good day all, sorry for the long absence. I was asked to share my tidbit of wisdom for the new generation of career driven professional about to begin job searching. So here are my tidbit of wisdom that I titled "Career Success Tips For The New Graduate". I would be as brief and as concise as possible.

This Newbie tips were what I used and still use to make it in my very competitive industry (finance and fashion industry are both competitive but I would be focusing on the finance Industry to draw these tips). P.S. I believe it works in every industry.

1. Get A Mentor:
Surrounded by many success stories in our world today, being inspiring is no longer a skill. In other to achieve edge one must definitely have a success stories but first you need to get an mentor that not only inspires you into believing that yes you can do this but one in who you can easily relate to. Therefore, choose a mentor whose work inspires you to be the best in your chosen field.

2. Get rid of time w…