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Why You Should Invest In A Balanced Mutual Fund

Brief Insight To A Balanced FundBalance funds invest in a mix of equities, money market, real estate and fixed income securities. They attempt to balance the aim of achieving higher returns against the risk of losing money. Most of these funds follow a formula to split funds among the different types of investments. They tend to have more risk than fixed income funds, but less risk than pure equity funds. Aggressive funds hold more equities and fewer bonds, while conservative funds hold fewer equities relative to bonds.
Choosing between equity and debt is difficult in the best of times. To get over this problem, one can invest in a balanced mutual fund. The main objective of these funds is to offer you the best of both worlds while limiting your exposure to the inherent risk accompanying these securities.
Why Invest When The Equities Market Is Currently Bearish?
If your balanced mutual fund is yielding a lower return than you anticipated because of the current bearish market, you may be…


Today I will be showing you another new addition to my closet, a white dress I got at a discount. At first, I was so going to pass up on the dress as I came there to buy a corporate jumpsuit but when I realized it was on sales nothing could stop me.

See my take on the dress in the work place:

 What do you think Yay or Nay?

Pink Playsuit

Good afternoon all and Happy Weekend, today I would be doing something different. I would be showing you a weekend party outfit of mine. So this last Friday, I and my cousins hit the town for fun and we really had fun.

About the outfit, I have had this playsuit since last year but never got around to wearing it but this Friday for our night out I wore it with my killer pink heels. See the outcome below:

The light was not the best but at least you get to see what I wore. Hope you are all preparing to have a mind blowing valentine's day and this playsuit would be a perfect addition to your wardrobe in time for the celebration.
What do you think?


Am so sorry that I have been unavailable, I have been swamped these days that I basically only get time to sleep in the night which is mostly mornings anyway. Although I am still really swamped, I knew that I needed to post on my blog. It has been way too long and I have missed my baby and my readers.

I have to skip back to work now but I will leave you guys with this snapshots. Hope you enjoy it.

 I still have a whole lots of other photos I have taken so far to post and they are currently in my draft. I will try to upload them as the days go by.

What are your thoughts, would love to read them. By the way I just got this jumpsuit and I am loving it.