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Happy Thursday to everyone, It is just a few days to the weekend and I can't wait. Although my reason isn't to have fun during the weekend but so I can get my presentation over with. My last day for presentation is this Friday and I am happy to bring this training and presentation to an end. I am not a shy person by any means so doing presentations should not be difficult right?, wrong, try dummfying how to value a company to people with no clue as to what you are yapping about but it has to be done and am doing it till Friday.

The training continues today but I got some free time, so I decided to update my blog with what I wore today. I have been wearing flats a lot lately because I have to be on my feet almost all day asides walking around the conference room to make sure everyone is following. Never teach in heels you would definitely regret it unless it for a short period, mine is from morning till evening.
As usual I had to wear a jacket with the look. Have a wonderful d…


Good Morning y'all, I have been down with cold and mad headache. I just want the the hot weather to come already, am tired of this waiting game. Anyway, my nose has been running non-stop and I can't even go anywhere without handkerchiefs and inhaler. How is this fair but today I decided to snap for my blog regardless of how I was feeling.

Since I have been totally down I have been wearing simple outfits with as little make-up and jewelries as possible as any scent make me sneeze and I really don't need any form of load weighing me down. I have also been exercising more and my bone has been aching me. So lets just say I feel like crap but it's all good, this cup would pass over me.

The outfit was basically a white and black dress and a newly acquired blazer ( I totally have a thing for black blazers). See the snap shots below:

 What do you guys think? this is officially the longest it has taken me to write a post and take snapshots, I kept sneezing all through.


So it has been raining non-stop since yesterday and I got drenched in the rain meaning am freezing to my bone. Still there is need for me to be at work today as I had a presentation this morning by 7:40am and subsequently at 9.00am. A typical day here is usually hot so most time people buy scarves when they need to wrap their hair and which I am not really into.

Recently, one  of my aunts got me this gorgeous scarf and I have been wondering what she was thinking but now it came in handy for me today. As the air conditioner was blowing cold air, yours truly was prepared to battle the external and internal cold. My outfit today is basically premised on the cold I have. I thought the hot season was here to stay but was I wrong, when would this rain stop.

Enough of my rambling, the outfit was really simple and warm. See below;

 This was my only way to battle with the cold and still look professional enough to make a presentation. And today I realized that a scarf can make a huge differen…

Green Crazy

Dear All, Thank you for your encouragements. It meant the world to me. Today, I woke up late with no outfit idea in mind so I went for trusty LBD but not to be stuck in a style rot I added a multi-colored blazer. Then I capitalized on the green part to add different shades of green as accessory.

Not to be too out there my outfit today was basically so I don't look like a bore. An LBD with pumps would look too understated for me (everyone at work would be wondering if someone died) and since I was too drowsy to come up with anything other than an LBD, I made it the center of my outfit where every other piece played against.

 My plaid jacket has a way of working magic on anything I pair it with, It amazing. It takes a blah outfit to another level of awesome and it is never boring.
If I am ever asked for a piece in my wardrobe that I can't live without, it would be this plaid jacket. It is boxy, plaid and stunning. What more can one ask from a jacket.

I also went a bit green cra…


Good Morning darlings, I am so sorry I have being unavailable on my blog. I had a training I was attending all throughout last week but am back. Yesterday my boss told me I was getting chubby (tears are streaming down my face right now), so I tried to debunk his claim by wearing a black and white outfit. I should tell you though he still insists that am getting chubby so I guess my workout is not paying off afterall.

Anyway about the title of the post, I woke up this morning without a clue as to how to style my hair so I didn't style it. Warning proceed to the pictures with caution because I look like a lunatic lol.

 I guess I need to stop trying and just believe that the weight would drop naturally, is that even possible? Would love the hear your thoughts.

Sunday Blue

Good Afternoon to you all, I know that my blog is all about work fashion and finance but I wanted to show you guys how I dress on my off days (that's when I am not working). The outfit is really simple and I wore it on Sunday for Church service and to chill after that. I opted for long sleeves for obvious reason (cold and the fear of Ebola) but I believe I still looked pretty put together.

 What do you think about my off-work outfit? Would love to hear your thoughts.


Happy Friday to all my lovelies, I am terrible skeptically about this weekend. In an earlier post I shared with you all how I got my phone stolen at a weeding so generally having to go to another weeding this weekend on the mainland is giving me a fright. I have had all manner of thoughts, maybe I should leave my phone and all gadgets at home or maybe this time I would be safe. That and my seemingly complicated personal life is really getting me all worked up.

Don't be alarmed, my life isn't filled with uncertainties. I am certain of my love for God, my career, my family and friend and life. I am certain of my love for finance and fashion. I am also certain that regardless of the negative occurrence happening right now in my country, I don't wish to be born in any other place.

Enough of my blabbing all about my life, so sometimes this week I took a picture of one of my favorite pencil skirt ( I have worn it once on this blog seen Here) but this time I styled it with my eq…


Yesterday, I decided to look as preppy as possible. I have been feeling like wearing my high school uniform for soo long (even if the last time I wore one was almost 10 years ago), I have just been into the preppy mode of late. So I had to come up with a creative idea to make it work. As you all know, I work in an investment bank which has very strict dress code. So how do you make preppy professionally accepted, I decided I had to forgo the socks and the headband (that would be too Blair Waldorf) but I still went with the skater skirt and stripes and this was my result.

 Not too shabby and not too teenage like but still maintained the preppy feel of the entire outfit, which was what I was going for.

 I also tried to be as playful as possible in the snapshots and I tried to wrap my braids too

 Maybe next time I would incorporate a tie and see the resultant effect but till then I just used a necklace as a substitute. And the beauty of the skirt is in the flare, at least I think so.



Happy Monday my dearies, this weekend was amazing, restful and fun all at the same time. Basically, I have been having the time of my life for a while. That goes to show that the world might bring you down for a moment but that it just before your victory comes. Enough about how fun my life has been. I wore this coral tank to work last week and it really brought out my color so I decided that I had to blog about it. I wore normal pants and jacket but I still felt different because of the colored tank.

 or maybe it was the coral necklace, who know
 But I loved the simple getup and I even had fun taking the snapshot for the blog.
  I was practically snap happy.

 What do you guys think? Happy Monday and Happy New Week.