Friday, August 8, 2014


Happy Friday to all my lovelies, I am terrible skeptically about this weekend. In an earlier post I shared with you all how I got my phone stolen at a weeding so generally having to go to another weeding this weekend on the mainland is giving me a fright. I have had all manner of thoughts, maybe I should leave my phone and all gadgets at home or maybe this time I would be safe. That and my seemingly complicated personal life is really getting me all worked up.

Don't be alarmed, my life isn't filled with uncertainties. I am certain of my love for God, my career, my family and friend and life. I am certain of my love for finance and fashion. I am also certain that regardless of the negative occurrence happening right now in my country, I don't wish to be born in any other place.

Enough of my blabbing all about my life, so sometimes this week I took a picture of one of my favorite pencil skirt ( I have worn it once on this blog seen Here) but this time I styled it with my equally favorite black top for work and this was the result.
 These snapshots are particularly funny because I was dancing when a friend of mine decided it would make beautiful pictures and these are the nice once believe me. Some were just out of this world hideous. Now I know I make faces while dancing. Nobody should take a snapshot of me dancing ever again (okay an exception would be on my wedding day but make sure the shots are nice).

And eventually I got tired but heh it was fun while it lasted and before I actually saw the pictures lol. They were a lot them by the way.
  Since I work in a corporate environment a jacket was a must to complete this office look. Hence these snapshots. I believe that work wear need not be boring and stuffy. And this is my way of making it fun.


  1. you rock girl
    Gladiator Sandals:
    Dress in Black:
    Shirt in multi-color:
    Sandals in Gold:
    Sandy Sandhu

  2. you blue me out loolol nice

  3. Very lovely. Love the blue skirt.

  4. super cute shirt ! :D

  5. Sophisticated and chic hun! You are ROCKING that skirt! #werk
    Thank you for the blog visit babe, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. Lovely skirt, you look stylish.

  7. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog love! Love your hair in these photos xx

  8. You look gorgeous, girl! That shade of blue is so stunning <3

  9. You look gorgeous, girl! That shade of blue is so stunning <3

  10. Wow! Great outfit darling!
    Do you wanna follow each other?

  11. Gorgeous outfit :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

  12. Love your look!! Wonderful! And I love the top – especially with the jewelry around the neckline!

    ♘ ♘

  13. cute outfit girl, you on top.. i love your pencil skirt and the colour.. looking sweet. happy new week

  14. Its gonna be a blue day. Love the outfit

  15. Great color combo.... you are so classy!!!!!
    Kisses doll!!!

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  16. You look gorgeous in this outfit, love your skirt <3

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