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Guys I was nominated for Liebster Award by Chiemela Steve of IcelawBlog,

The Liebster award rules are:
  • You must link back to the person who nominated you.
  • You must answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
  • You must pick 11 nominees with under 200 or 2000 followers to answer you questions.
  • You cannot nominate the person that nominated you.
  • You must let the nominees know you have nominated them.
Steve's Questions Were:
1. What made you decide to own a blog?
2. Have you ever had any MAJOR outfit disaster before?
3. Inspiration for blog posts?
4. Dream location ?
5.Weird fact about yourself.
6. Most expensive fashion item you own?
7. Are you an introvert or extrovert?
8. Favorite blog?
9. Novels /music or movies?
10. Favourite meal?
11. Most beautiful place you have visited?

My Cheeky Answer are as follows:
  1. I started my blog as a way to reach people who understood my passion for fashion and yet had their fashion choices streamlined as a result of their job.
  2. I think I have had several but I look at them more as stepping stone to becoming a fashionista.
  3. I get inspired a lot by my immediate environment, work and the fashion industry.
  4. My dream location would be Paris, I have always wanted to experience the Parisian life.
  5. I am a hopeless romantic and I always give my all in everything I do regardless of the outcome.
  6. A versace leather bomber my dad bought for me.
  7. Ambivert (best of both worlds)
  8. My favorite blog would be Kenzas, I love her for her humor, outspokeness and style.
  9. Love all of them, love a good book (am more into inspiration these days), RnB (really soothing but love other genres) and movies (who doesn't love a good movie with some mind blowing plot or humor).
  10. I love beans and plantain (yeah, I am that weird)
  11. Not to be cliche or anything, my mum's villa. It's peaceful with a stream, orchard to just relax and a grandma who's sole purpose is to pamper me. what more can a girl ask for. Moreover they always have a festival going on there (amazing isn't it).
My nominees for this award are:


  1. Congrats! Love your style!


  2. Parabéns pelo award você merece pela simpatia , beleza e carisma
    enviei no seu email o link do meu blog.
    Fiquei feliz e emocionada com seu comentário no meu blog.
    Moro num Pais muito distante do seu , mais pela fé chegamos a tocar em pensamento nas mãos de Deus.
    Tenho muito mais amizades verdadeiras fora do meu Brasil a 10 anos viajo pelo meu blog mundo a Fora.
    Convido a entrar nos seguidores do meu blog uma maneira de ter seu contato
    rapido comigo.
    Fica com Deus princesinha .
    Beijos e carinhos.

  3. congratulations. nice work. nice pictures.

  4. congrats babe

  5. Love it!

    New OUTFIT online, what do you think about?

    Try to win my new PICTAGIVEAWAY.

  6. Congrats!

  7. Love it :)

  8. Lindas as suas roupas algumas bem diferente daqui
    sem dizer que você também é muito bonita.

  9. Congrats on receiving the Liebster award!! You deserve it for keeping up a great blog <3


  11. Great post dear!

  12. Congrats! Great blog


  13. W O W!

    New OUTFIT online, what do you think about?

    Try to win my new PICTAGIVEAWAY.

  14. wow! such a cool dresses!!! love specially the yellow one!

  15. Congrats!!


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