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Flower Child At Work

 Good Morning all, work up this morning feeling like a flower child. I have honestly been wearing too much print which is so unlike me but fashion is all about evolving so what the hell, I will rock it till am tired.

So about my outfit, I decided that flower is going to be the next best buddy in my wardrobe. I know blue (which by the way is my favorite color) is the color of the season but it's being raining non-stop here and I would want to represent that in my style.

 Another thing that has been recurring in my style is braids. I have been braiding my weave to make the hair feel more like mine (a girl can try you know). Today, I tried to go playful with the braids and it felt like I was at home not at work at all.

 Hope you love the dress and my messy braid as much as I did.


  1. Amiga que lindo look belas imagens
    Canal de youtube:

  2. Thats a really nice dress! Lovely print


  3. The dress looks lovely on you :)

  4. am loving your outfit, so cute, nice post, looking amazing. check out my blog


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  6. Lovely prints!!

  7. cute outfit :)


  8. Pretty dress and love your unique braids !

    Chic Swank

  9. hey sweetie

    such an amazing blog! loooove your shoes! they are goorg!

    keep in touch:)

    you can find me on fb:



  10. Wished you pulled back ur hair. Love the dress cute


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