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So I stumbled upon this amazing indigenous designer Oisetohanmen Isinugben of Belios Couture and I could not help but share some of her amazing designs. You could check out her website Here
She has a very deep passion for fashion and is committed to serving the modern day woman excellence in fashion and clothing. 
It is a lifestyle clothing brand for women that offer a wide range of beautifully urban afro-centric tailored pieces that reflect elegance, originality, youth, confidence, beauty and class. 
Their philosophy in business is based on: responsibility, respect and responsiveness. Drawing inspiration from the timeless and glamorous elegance of the 1920’s and 1950’s yet creating designs that are unique and are greatly influenced by the elegance, youthfulness and versatility of 70′s and 80′s.
Their designs are composed of an array of African print/wax fabric, and western fabric to create unique pieces that reflect a beautiful fusion between African and western fashion.​ 
I cannot explain how magnificent her pieces are so you would have to check for yourself at Belois Couture
I would love to hear your thoughts on her designs.


  1. Very talented designer, I really love the white jumpsuit!



  2. Wow these dresses look to die for. I love every single one. I haven't heard of Belios Couture yet. Thanks for sharing :)


  3. prettyoutfit!

  4. Woooow *.* the third one is beautiful *.* I really want it!


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  6. Amazing outfits love the prints !!!! xxx
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  7. Amazing
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  8. Those jumpsuits are to die for! Love your blog btw!

  9. I really like the delicate detail on the dresses, they look so beautiful and unique! xx

    Viva Epernay

  10. Wow!! These designs are awesome! I'm really loving the dress with the sequined shoulders <3

  11. wow these are truly amazing

  12. Lovely designs!

  13. She has some serious style! LOVE her designs, especially the two last pieces.


  14. What a fabulous collection!


  15. Fabulous!

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  16. There are some lovely appliqués on her pieces… thanks for the introduction!

  17. She is a very talented designer. check out my new post your opinion is needed.

  18. Beautiful pieces.
    Lots of love, xx

  19. so amazing
    thanks for sharing

  20. I so love this collection. Great job!

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  21. Wow, the white dress on the third picture is so beautiful! She is an amazing designer!


  22. Outstanding outfits, not something you would wear every day, but they are gorgeous! I love that yellow dress!

  23. good posting, sweet pictures.. loved this beautiful outfitsss. new post

  24. Great post thank you !


  25. The dresses are cute!


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