Thursday, July 31, 2014


Good Morning y'all, so I have been out for a while because I needed to rest and just recoup. I now feel better and happier but don't worry I always read your comments as it was always my daily highlight. Okay, enough about my mini vacation. I decided to make braids in order to feel like I am experiencing summer even if I am not. At first, it seemed like a really bad idea with work and all but what the hell I did and I love it.

 So all though it's raining everyday which means I get to snap without sunlight of any kind (I don't think I have seen the sun in weeks) but I can still feel like summer. What do you think?
By the way this was my look to work yesterday. I decided on a simple black and white outfit with a bright blazer for good measure.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


So I stumbled upon this amazing indigenous designer Oisetohanmen Isinugben of Belios Couture and I could not help but share some of her amazing designs. You could check out her website Here
She has a very deep passion for fashion and is committed to serving the modern day woman excellence in fashion and clothing. 
It is a lifestyle clothing brand for women that offer a wide range of beautifully urban afro-centric tailored pieces that reflect elegance, originality, youth, confidence, beauty and class. 
Their philosophy in business is based on: responsibility, respect and responsiveness. Drawing inspiration from the timeless and glamorous elegance of the 1920’s and 1950’s yet creating designs that are unique and are greatly influenced by the elegance, youthfulness and versatility of 70′s and 80′s.
Their designs are composed of an array of African print/wax fabric, and western fabric to create unique pieces that reflect a beautiful fusion between African and western fashion.​ 
I cannot explain how magnificent her pieces are so you would have to check for yourself at Belois Couture
I would love to hear your thoughts on her designs.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Guys I was nominated for Liebster Award by Chiemela Steve of IcelawBlog,

The Liebster award rules are:
  • You must link back to the person who nominated you.
  • You must answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
  • You must pick 11 nominees with under 200 or 2000 followers to answer you questions.
  • You cannot nominate the person that nominated you.
  • You must let the nominees know you have nominated them.
Steve's Questions Were:
1. What made you decide to own a blog?
2. Have you ever had any MAJOR outfit disaster before?
3. Inspiration for blog posts?
4. Dream location ?
5.Weird fact about yourself.
6. Most expensive fashion item you own?
7. Are you an introvert or extrovert?
8. Favorite blog?
9. Novels /music or movies?
10. Favourite meal?
11. Most beautiful place you have visited?

My Cheeky Answer are as follows:
  1. I started my blog as a way to reach people who understood my passion for fashion and yet had their fashion choices streamlined as a result of their job.
  2. I think I have had several but I look at them more as stepping stone to becoming a fashionista.
  3. I get inspired a lot by my immediate environment, work and the fashion industry.
  4. My dream location would be Paris, I have always wanted to experience the Parisian life.
  5. I am a hopeless romantic and I always give my all in everything I do regardless of the outcome.
  6. A versace leather bomber my dad bought for me.
  7. Ambivert (best of both worlds)
  8. My favorite blog would be Kenzas, I love her for her humor, outspokeness and style.
  9. Love all of them, love a good book (am more into inspiration these days), RnB (really soothing but love other genres) and movies (who doesn't love a good movie with some mind blowing plot or humor).
  10. I love beans and plantain (yeah, I am that weird)
  11. Not to be cliche or anything, my mum's villa. It's peaceful with a stream, orchard to just relax and a grandma who's sole purpose is to pamper me. what more can a girl ask for. Moreover they always have a festival going on there (amazing isn't it).
My nominees for this award are:

Monday, July 21, 2014


Good Morning and Happy New Week to everyone. Today feels like any other Monday where work is over the top and everyone is looking and acting rather generic. The truth is Monday is probably my best and worst day of the week. My best since it means the week had started out and I get to achieve some of my goals. And my worst for obvious reason ( I get to leave my bed so early in the day to work especially after a long restful weekend lol).

Today I would be as brief as possible since I have to get back to work but today's outfit is what I wore on Friday to work. It's casual but centers on my best color blue.

 It was simple and yet me. Hope you all have a lovey Monday and a wonderful week ahead. I am always keen on hearing your thoughts, so feel free to tell me all about it.


Friday, July 18, 2014


Happy Friday all, Hope you all are having an awesome day. I totally can't wait for the weekend to rest and recoup for the upcoming week. So I may have been a bit out of touch with friends and all because of the loss of my phone but that won't stop me from having fun. Moreover, I intend to replace it next week (hopefully).

So in my last post I mentioned how I had some retail therapy and I might have omitted the fact that I also shopped so many other stores but since am yet to receive my items, today's post would be centered on an old but trusty dress of mine.

What are your thought? and happy weekend to all of you.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Happy Wednesday all, So yesterday I indulged in a little online shopping therapy at ASOS and I found so many goodies. By the way, they are currently having 70% sales so if you are interested in a little retail therapy Click Here. Although most of the items I was picking was getting sold out I was still able to score a few but these were my finds.

I feel way better after indulging and may be some bank account lighter but who cares, not me (okay maybe I care a little as I need to get another *personal assistant* lol). How is your week going? Want to hear all about it.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Happy Monday Y'all. Today I won't be positing pictures of my outfit (would do that later) but I just want to share how my preceding week turned out. I know this is a bit different for me owing to the fact that I only write a long essay when it's about finance but today it's about me and hopefully someone would feel encouraged.

The week began with a kind of a low, physically I wasn't feeling up to it, emotionally I was confused and spiritually it was low too but that was just Sunday. As Monday rolled around, I realized that I took that confusion into work. I made so many mistake that on an normal day would have been costly (like losing my job) but my boss (who by the way is the most understanding person I have ever worked with) asked me if I needed time out because I haven't been acting myself as you would learn later I should have taken the week off but I didn't.

Opening to Tuesday, I learnt that a dear one had Leukemia. I was sad, terrified and torn to bits. I thought it couldn't get worse but it did by the next day, he was in coma. The doctors were fighting to keep him alive which means that the cancer was now the least of their problem. I couldn't believe what was happening, why was this happening in succession, what had I done to the universe to deserve this but the universe was evidently not done with me.

Waking up on Thursday, I was already emotionally tired and exhausted. I wanted to badly call in sick but what would I be doing at home?, so I went to work. That day I got dumped (for no reason what-so-ever) and by the evening of that day my friend lost his battle with Leukemia. I had to talk to someone and since I just lost the person I would have naturally called I called a friend of mine who I was to attend his wedding on Saturday. He encouraged, comforted and he said when you hit rock bottom, it will be up from there on. And I remembered telling him that I have hit rock bottom before and that this was not it, this was just a string of bad luck all in one week. He replied that it can't get any worse than it is but he was surely mistaken.

Friday morning, I was determined to be positive. Keep a brave face and take the day by storm, nothing, absolutely nothing was going to spoil my day. Apparently, the forces of nature had me on their joke list because as I was about to step into my colleagues car on our way to work a vehicle (a 16 seater bus) rammed into me and took me from the car to the middle of the road. Everyone was afraid that I was dead, my colleagues car was badly damaged and I was lying helpless on the floor. I was taken to the hospital and the driver was arrested. Asides from a few bruises and painful joints, I was fine. I thought an escape from death should end this terrible week but I had one more day before the end of the week.

I wanted to stay home all day so that the week would pass but I had promised to be at a friend's wedding and I didn't think not showing up was the best idea so naturally I went for the wedding. Everything was going on well, too well compared to the week I was having. Everyone was having fun and I was beginning to shake off the weirdness of the week when it happened. Where is my trusty assistant, it was just here a second ago. My phone, the second piece of me was missing along with my entire contact and documents. I couldn't believe it. I informed the management of the event place and the police but all I got was for me to come back when I had a suspect. How on earth was that going to happen. I looked and looked but nothing. By the evening of that same day, the management of the event center said they would look through their cctv and get back to me. You mean you had camera everywhere all morning and you allowed the person to go, why?, I was utterly confused. For the first time in this entire week of a mess I cried and cried and cried. Why was this happening to me. I cried till I was emotionally drained. I cried till I felt empty, drained and weak.

On that night, I made a resolution. Never again would I be attached to anything to the point of this much pain, never go to an event without a partner, life is too short so just live it because I could drop dead anytime and relationships come and go but staying true to yourself is the ultimate goal.

The week could have been worse, I could have died but am still here so I guess the joke is really on the universe for this useless tricks. So this is my bit, no matter what you may be going through just know that when there is life there is a way. Keep living and don't ever stop for a second because at the end of the day it's about how you invested your life. Life is for living so live it up.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


I have been meaning to update my blog for sometime but something always comes up. From work to relationship, things have been a bit of a whirlwind. I took these snapshots in a hurry on Wednesday evening and I have been wanting to post it. So here it goes

It was pretty dark, so I hard to heavily edit the picture and my face is a bit blur but I loved my outfit and I didn't care (okay I do care a lot).

And I also looked pregnant in the snapshots, either my junk intake is off the chart or my exercise routine isn't as thorough as I thought.

Okay, maybe the angle of the picture is to be blamed for the extra flab on my body (a girl can blame it on anything she wants). Did I mention it was windy and I thought I could get that effortless windy hair you see in music videos but apparently even that kind of effortless needs a professional touch to make it happen.

Knowing me, I tried and tried and tried until I was officially frustrated.
This goes to show that I need to lay-off the chocolate and sleep more in a gym. What are your thoughts?