Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What A Long Day

 Always in a work mode, I have almost gradually neglected all areas of my life. But surely and slowly am trying to get back that work-life balance. Am sure most of you have experienced  this before (the situation of being swallowed by work with no time for family and social activities.  That has been me for a while now.

 But am on the path to balancing my life out and yes I can do it. I totally believe in myself even when my friends may have given up on me (you know yourselves) lol.  At least I still find time to eat.

After a really long month, I am finally able to settle down a bit and at least post on my blog. Work has been has been hectic, my country has been experiencing some dark times (you know the terrorist sect kidnapping our girls and killing our people) and economically the new CBN governor Mr. Godwin Emefiele believes he can steady exchange rate and also reduce interest rate (I really don't know how he intends to do that but I will keep my fingers crossed on that one). So all in all, I would say am more grateful for what I have and the place I have found myself. I don't live at the Northern part of the country, so I can't say for sure how terribly afraid the people there are or do I seem to know what they are going through asides what  I watch on the news am clueless but what I can say is that people at that side of the country are really suffering (they suffer from abject poverty and insecurity which is not a way to live one's life).



  1. I'm glad you found a work-life balance ( I still need to find mine). Of course I have heard to the kidnapping and I hope and pray that the girls will come back safe to their families. Also will keep my fingers croseed that the govenor will find a good solution to stop the suffering and the poverty.

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