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Last Friday, I basically broke all the casual Friday protocol at work. I wore a print top and distressed boyfriend jeans which is totally not compliant with our work dress code. But I just felt like being rebellious (don't try this at work). Anyway since am such a perfect employee, I just got off with a warning and I hopefully showed them how print and distressed denim could be made work appropriate (at least I tried).

This weekend was filled with parties, fun and more parties and I don't mind saying this was the most awesome weekend and the most exhausting. Am always derailing, My outfit, yeah, on Friday I tried my best to look super casual yet work appropriate. I believe I nailed it even though HR is not on that page with me but what are your thoughts.

 I might have gone a bit grungy with the make-up which didn't help my cause at all. What are your thoughts?


Wearing grey is something I do so often that it always my go to when I have no other thing in mind and I have worn black for so long. But this Tuesday morning was different, I wore this outfit based on my mood. I woke up to a lot of rain (it's being raining non-stop for almost a week), then missed my ride to work and finally got to work 2 hours late. I had a totally different outfit in mind that morning but with the total disaster my day was turning into, I turned to my trusted outfit to express my anger. 

 The good thing was that the day ended amazingly on a good note but then fast forward to the next day and my country played with Argentina in the ongoing World Cup at lost with a 3-2 margin. Mind you most of their goals were free kicks by Messi (how is that fair). I was so distraught that I decided on posting the perfect outfit for a really gray day. The dress expresses my feelings just fine.

 Anyway, the good thing is that we are still in the competition. At least that is some…

Coral Sunday

Happy Monday everyone, Am not too happy to have to confront another Monday especially If it took me almost 2hours to  get to work (thank you traffic) but my weekend was delightful. I had fun watching football and the icing on the cake was when my country won their match (yippee). It was exciting, filled with suspense and eventually victory.

Alright enough with the football already. Okay, I will just quit it for now. More on my weekend, I decided to get long extension and ombre on the weave (not my hair since colored hair is scary to me, I tried to experiment with an extension). I also wore a stunning coral dress and this was the outcome.

 What do you guys think about the hair and the dress.


I have come to accept that what seems fashionable to one might be atrocious to another, so when I get called out for not being more ladylike or for not rocking a prim and proper look I usually just say that a person's personal style is his or her choice.

What stands out for me is my personality and I don't believe in looking like everyone else, dressing like everyone else, acting like everyone else, eating like everyone else e.t.c. To me fashion is wearing what you love and what suit your personality. People have told me that you could chase the opposite sex away with the unconventional way you dress and I usually answer that if he's mine, he will accept me as I am and he would not want to change me to look like the generic ladies you see everywhere. This is my advice to everyone out there today, Be true to yourself regardless of others opinion. Opinions are like sh**, everyone can generate one.

That was how my morning started, with everyone trying to fix me into becoming…


Monday morning started with my entire mind focused on my country's football match and I even dressed (kind of) in my country's color (green) but the match ended in a disappointing 0-0 draw. I was really upset watching that game especially since I had to go under the rain to make it home on time for the match. The disappointing part of the game wasn't even the draw,but the style of the match. There was no team play, poor defense, really really annoying passes, no ball control and no goal on target what so ever. So you now understand how disappointing the match was. It was as if they came to just pass time. People you came to the world cup to make good history. 
I know some of you would totally not get where am coming from and might even wonder if I took my meds this morning but I assure you I am not on any medication. It's just my country decided to make football history this world cup by becoming the first country to play a goal-less match and a draw in the 2014 world…


Dear Friday,
Am so grateful you are finally here, you could not come soon enough and am also glad that you are coming along with Saturday and Sunday. Thank God you are here but I have a favour to ask you. Could you tell Monday to stay off me for a while (he's too stressful you know) and he should stay away with his friends Tuesday and Wednesday but I don't mind Thursday at least with him I know you are around the corner.
I love you Friday and would always want to be with you because you always come along with a great package for me called weekend.
Don't leave in a hurry like you did the week before.
Looking forward to spending some quality time with you.
Sincerely Your Best Friend
Hahaha, that would be my letter to Friday, the best day of the week. Today I decided to be as casual as possible hence this outfit.

What A Long Day

Always in a work mode, I have almost gradually neglected all areas of my life. But surely and slowly am trying to get back that work-life balance. Am sure most of you have experienced  this before (the situation of being swallowed by work with no time for family and social activities.  That has been me for a while now.

 But am on the path to balancing my life out and yes I can do it. I totally believe in myself even when my friends may have given up on me (you know yourselves) lol.  At least I still find time to eat.

After a really long month, I am finally able to settle down a bit and at least post on my blog. Work has been has been hectic, my country has been experiencing some dark times (you know the terrorist sect kidnapping our girls and killing our people) and economically the new CBN governor Mr. Godwin Emefiele believes he can steady exchange rate and also reduce interest rate (I really don't know how he intends to do that but I will keep my fingers crossed on that one).…