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Suit And Tie

If you remember correctly, I showed you all My Big Reveal. So today you would be seeing it in an outfit. I woke up with Angelina Jolie's outfit to BAFTA award on my mind so I decided to replicate it while adding my own touch to the ensemble.

 Yeah, I tried it out with a white lace top. Different but me right?

 My ultimate goal was to take the look and make it as ladylike as possible without ruining the effect of the suit and tie. I loved the outcome and received lots of complements on it.
I also decide to play with grey, black and blue as my basics.
 What are your thoughts. Do you think my way of replication is cool or I should just stick to basic white shirt?


The pictures were taken before Valentines day but I didn't have time to post it. I know I have been noticeably absent from blogging for a while now but please pardon me cause I have a whole lot on my plate.

The main focus for this outfit was the skirt. Love love this skirt although I tried to make the skirt less corporate and more casual like. The skirt has been my go to skirt for a while now. And  am also so sorry for the picture quality. I normally don't bother with editing my photos but I have been trying my hand on it of late and it has been poor. Looking at the bright side, I hear practice makes perfect so bear with me till I perfect the act of editing.  I also seem to have been wearing a lot of green colors of late (at least it isn't black right?) and for a big reveal I now rock a shorter do.

By my next post I would be looking more like this (Thank you Miley). I believe it suits me and am loving not having to do much with my hair in the morning. It makes dressing up …

Casual Friday Meets Leo Print

I took this snap shot last week Friday and I have been meaning to post it but let just say time was not that gracious. If you follow me on  Instagram you must have seen me upload a couple of the these photos and I got lots of wonderful feedback on it which was amazing and totally awesome.

 Although the snap shot was more of a quick look at me kinda snap, it came out okay.
 Yeah my signature pose never goes out of style especially when I had to dash back to work almost immediately.
  I tried editing this, I don't think this is the best job ever but I know all this editing job stuff would have to be one step at a time (at least till I perfect the art of photo editing)

The gorgeous thing about this top is the leopard print on it. I am a die hard leopard print lover and to be able to wear a clothing item with this print on it to work without totally looking like you lost your way is just sooooo awesome. By the way, the necklace is attached to the top (that how awesome this top could …


The Global Market:Global equities came under pressure at the beginning of the year having been stretched after a 2013 bullish run. Combined with investors re-evaluating the QE tapering threat, the U.S economy standing resilient and corporate performances being mixed, the equities market performances in advanced markets remained minute. After a good run in 2013, emerging market stocks also opened 2014 trading on a bearish note, with weak Chinese manufacturing data released during the period complicating issues.
The month under review was a challenging one in the crude oil market as investors laid their bets cautiously amidst supply concerns. Having gained only 0.10% (for Brent crude prices) in 2013, the commodity opened trading in 2014 with a MoM loss of 4.33% as a combination of factors (middle east crisis, Syria  war e.t.c.) weighed down on prices.
Also following the bearish trend of the Crude Oil Market, Gold made a huge loss of 28.33% in 2013 but took a turn around in 2014 to MoM gai…

Patterned Friday

Hello dearies, hope your weekend is going great. Mine is being spent at work which is not as bad as I thought it would pan out. Although, the weekend is not going as awesome as one's weekend should be but it's not going bad either.

Patterned Friday, what is it about?. I used to be one of those people that perceived patterned dress as off limit for work and I love patterns so I restrict them to my jacket and accessories for work. But with this warp dress sitting in my closet with soooo many potentials I decided to style it for work. Anytime I choose to run a trial and error outfit for the work place I always choose Friday's as my day of executing such awesomeness (*wink). Hence this outfit I wore yesterday. Am sorry the post is coming a bit late but I was too busy to post anything yesterday.

Yea, I also decided to follow Paula Patton faux mohawk hair style to go with the outfit hahaha. Would love to read your thoughts on this. Is it work appropriate or should I keep it at …