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Green Love

It been a while since I last posted and am sorry for that but work has been a bit on the busy side (that's an understatement BTW). So my posting here would be a bit here and there but I would be sure to always read your comments as I always appreciate your comments.

Okay recently I was sent this amazing dress by a friend and immediately I set my eyes on the dress it was love at sight. I don't know what it is about it, the collar, the belt or the fact that it is button down but I wore it the next day after I got it. Although I styled it in a very simple way; pulling my hair up to show off the collar, wearing flats  and going with just a dramatic color of lipstick as my only make-up (okay I do the lipstick all the time because it suits me so don't judge). I made sure the outfit was all about the dress and only the dress.

I love the dress because it's not just work appropriate and severe, it can also be worn for a wide range of occasions if styled properly. Enough said s…

Monetray Policy Committe (MPC) Meeting Outcomes - Liquidity Tightening

What did the MPC Decide? 

The MPC increased the CRR (cash reserve ratio) on public sector deposits from 50 to 75%; a much-dreaded decision and left all other parameters including the MPR (monetary policy rate) un-changed at 12% p.a, with an asymmetrical corridor of +/-200bps. The CRR on private sector deposit was retained at 12% and the liquidity ratio was unchanged at 30%. 

Liquidity tightening

CRR hike in line with expectations. We believe the CBN is moving towards a complete restriction of public deposits from lending and investing activities by banks. This should promote a sustainable banking model that is based on competition for private customer deposits. Marginal downturn in share prices is expected. Although we expect a downward pressure on bank stocks over the next few days, we believe it will be marginal. Our view is consistent with the minimal downward pressure seen on the banks in August 2013 when the CRR on the public sector was increased to 50% from 12%. The banks in our co…

Monday Blast

Good Morning dearies, hope your weekend was as restful and amazing as mine. So I have finally gotten my voice back and am one hell of a happy person now. After what seems like forever with lots of experimental remedies I finally have my voice back and I have been rocking it since I got it back. You really never know the value of something till you lose it and now I value my voice (not in a weird way please).

So enough about how amazing I sound to myself these days and more on my outfit of the day. So I wore basic shirt and pants but the jacket put a twist on things for me. What are your thoughts.

Black Corporate

Not that am having a terrible day or anything but I would love to have my voice back (this weather is not just good for me) but till I do get my voice back, I will continue to get noticed in other fashionable ways.

So I decided to go with an LBD with heels an easy choice yep especially since I had no sleep the night before (that is another story for another day) and I wanted to still look amazing. What I love about a pair of heels is that it can elevate just about any piece into  a classy outfit.

I went for a simple but classy take on looking noticeably fashionable. What are your thoughts on that.

 The light was very poor because well the weather sucks and my eyes were puffy which was probably a good thing to hide the face.

Suit Up

This is how I looked today all suited up like I had an important meeting. I wanted to feel like a powerful lady ready to take the bulls by the horn and set things in motion. I believe I kind of achieved that (I hope) and I pretty much felt a bit powerful even though I have lost my voice (damn weather).

This is as corporate as corporate dressing goes. Enjoy.


Happy Monday all, to say this weekend was not eventful is to understate the awesomeness of the past weekend up until I lost my voice. Arghhh, I just lost my voice (asides the cramps I was experiencing) that was a major bummer for me.

Anyway, I started my early morning work out which is not easy at all (I have to wake up early and that my friends is not cool) but it's for a good cause and that is to get this body of mine back to shape. Also I have decided to be more consistent (that is bi-monthly) with the economic review aspect of my blog. It might be boring to some but I love finance and that is part of who I am and also it sheds a little light on what I do.

This morning as I could no longer speak well in my amazing voice (smiling), I decided to allow my low hemline to do the talking for me and this was the result. Enjoy.

 As usual I wore a jacket through out work to make the outfit work appropriate. Thanks for reading and your comments are always appreciated.

The Economy In Brief as as The Year Ended December, 2013

2013 FY ended with the following occurrences in the Nigerian economy; Food prices pressure drove headline inflation a tad upwards, although inflation rate still remains at its 7 year lowest at 7.9% The Naira closed December 2013 1.3% weaker amid US Federal Reserve decision to scale back its monthly LASP (Large Scale Asset Purchase) programThe weak trend was also felt by most Emerging Market (EM) currencies with Ghana suffering a loss of 25%, South Africa a loss of 24%, India 14% and Indonesia 24%.Also Turkey and Thailand suffered currency loss of 6% and 3% respectively largely due to recent political upheavals.In response also to the US Fed decision on tapering of expected bond yields, yields rose as market speculators appear to have their concerns domiciled on the short term endBrent Crude Oil prices rose by 1% as supply concerns over Libya persist and political unrest in South-Sudan (a major exporter in Sub-Saharan…

Through The Xmas Period

I have been unavailable on the blog for a while now mainly because I traveled to the Villa for Christmas (more like a tradition in my family) and the reception there even for a phone call is crappy. Hence my non-availability, the yuletide season was amazing surrounded by family (in other words a lot of people with opinions) and friends, lots of wedding, parties, laughter, eating (I have added a lot of weight) and drinking. But above all, the period gave me opportunity to appreciate those that really matter in my life.

I didn't really take snapshots largely due to my busy schedule but I have gathered different snapshots of I and some members of my family to show how great this period was.

I have so many others, so I would post those later (so I don't clog this post with just pictures). Hope you all enjoyed the festive season as much as I did.