Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Birthday My First Love

Today is my dad's birthday although the celebration is tomorrow I just had to dedicate my post to him. Like every only daughter (yeah am my dad's only princess), am pretty much attached to his hip. While growing up, I did follow my dad to meetings even when I had no ideas what was being said and would follow him for parties and all.

Now, am a big girl but my dad still call me his little princess and his elegant one (now tears are streaming down my eyes). I love my dad soooooo much and I always look forward to being able to show him just how much I love him. I read, study, and try to achieve a lot in my life just to see him smile. I make sure that on Fathers' Day he know he's the greatest dad ever, on Valentines he knows that I would rather be by his side and just hug him and make him his best meal, every day of the week I pray for him to achieve all his dreams and live to see his hard-work manifest as blessings in his life.

I have the best dad in the whole wide world and I am always grateful to be his child. My dad is that kind of man that would go out of his way to make sure his family is happy and I would want to marry a man like my father who knows the importance of making your loved ones feels special, unique and just plain out of this world. That's my dad and I love him.

To the best Dad in the world, I give him a hearty cheers!!!!
 My Large Family, with My Dad
 I and My Dad, Like I said we were joined to the hip (literally)
 My aging but handsome father.
 I and My Dad (we are still kind of joint at the hip)
 My Convocation (We were Having a father daughter bonding)

 My Parents (Yeah he has a wife that is not me and she's pretty)
My Dad in his younger days (I told you he's handsome)

To the Best Dad in the world I dedicate this post to you.


  1. Lovely post!! :)

    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  2. I am sure your dad will enjoy reading this…

    Min x

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. You must be one of those girls that don't need make-up.

    I am following you on GFC and Bloglovin. Do you have a FB page that I can like?


  4. Such an inspiring post, i understand how strong are the relationship between dad-daughter, I really appreciate your kindness to show to us such a personal matter. Besos!

  5. Nice post!


  6. Great post!
    Congratulations for your dad!

    Best wishes!

  7. thanks for your lovely comments

    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  8. aww thats so sweet!! happy belated birthday to your father!!



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