Wednesday, October 30, 2013

One Of Them Days

Today is like one of those days when you wake up and you have absolutely no idea what to wear. I need to start learning how to plan my attire the week before. I just wake up and dress on the whim and pretty much have to depend on my imagination and silent pray that whatever am about to wear comes together just fine.

As I rolled out of bed this morning, I kept thinking about my upcoming examinations, my bills, basically my everything and something just struck me. My brothers always says I worry a lot but naturally yours truly would disagree with them, I have to fend for myself and still look amazing (totally cute and kicking) but today waking up with soooo many thought clouding my mind, it hit me that I worry a  lot. Take a chill pill sometimes and let things work out on their own (note to self). Not that I know how to do that, but I will take a step in that direction one day at a time.

About my outfit, I acquired the skirt about four months ago from Asos and anytime I wear it people always complement me (blushing now), so today I decided to style it in a work appropriate style. Hope I did good. Would love to read your thoughts on it.

 I pretty much stand the same (**smile**), anyway you would have noticed that I wore flats and pumps during the shot. The flats was to make the look more casual and the pumps work appropriate (I am wearing the pumps with the blazer through out the day because am at work).


  1. Cute office look :)

  2. Great look and a bold choice of color for the office - me like! Xx

  3. Adorable look. The vibrant blue skirt looks like it was made for you. So chic and pretty. Perfect office outfit! I would say don't worry that much but I'm exactly the same. Have a wonderful day sweetheart!!

    xx Mira

  4. great look

  5. I used to do that all of the time, but now I plan my outfits ahead of time, the night before because it's easier for me in the mornings and sometimes I can even sleep in a little longer. I adore the blue skirt and those flats.


  6. I know there is NO WAY I can plan my outfit or pick out what I am going to wear in the morning when I have to get up for work. I do it the night before but often unmotivated haha not easy being a fashionista.

    Your pumpkin picking trip looked great and love how you captured it in your photos. You had to be hands down the best dressed group there!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  7. Beautiful skirt!!

    Thank you! Following back!

    Best wishes!

  8. beautiful outfit
    i love the colour of your skirt

  9. How fun! Love the look with the flats! :)
    xo TJ

  10. I love the way you have twisted your legs together. There is something sexy about it.

    Min x

  11. Love your skirt! <3 New post in my blog! I'd love it if you take a look at it :)

    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth BLOG

  12. U look amazing in dat skirt,am loving ur ideas,but u really need 2 stop worrying and let things work out ,always take a chill pill,although am exactly d same(hahaha)but worry doesn't solve anything really.Have learnt to take things one step @ a time.

  13. lovely :) the skirt flatters your figure and hugs your curves so perfectly <3

  14. I like the change of shoes - I do that too! You look amazing in the skirt!

  15. hi dear! following u back :) big kisses

  16. This outfit looks so cool on you! The colour of the skirt is gorgeous - and so are you! :)

  17. Love your skirt girl