Thursday, October 10, 2013

Little Black Dress

Today, I decided to go with the idea of a little black dress to work and vamp it up with pearl. Although I had to change to pumps back because of work, this was basically my take for today. Hope you enjoy them. I think I started dancing after a while. **smile**


  1. I guess your colleagues are all in love with u!
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  2. Lovely pearls and cute slippers.

  3. Yeah, high heels look cute but honestly are not the best choice for work. I love when sombody rocks a pair of flat shoes. Those are great!

  4. Luvly outfit! I hope the guys @ work could get something done. I would have loved to c it with pumps tho

  5. Love your dress!
    you look beautiful
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  6. I love your flats! Animal print and black goes great together! XO