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First Saturday

I originally wanted to post my take on the denim on denim trend seeing that this was going to be a restful weekend or so I thought but then I had to go to work to sort out some minor issues and since I was on the island and the beach was like five seconds away, I was there in a jiffy (**smile**) not really but that's how I am seeing it. But if you're close to the beach you go regardless of whether you're appropriately dressed or not (which is the later for me)

This is what I made of it, forgive the dull snap shots I was in a bit of a hurry when the pictures were taken and the lighting was not exactly the best.


  1. First, really cool blog!

    I like your outfit, these all black looks are alsyways so elegant, love it!



  2. Hi!
    You have a great and original style and a very cute blog
    Like a lot :)
    like the hat, its looks alittle bit like a gangsters of 80 :)
    Maybe would like to follow each other? Just let me know

    1. Following you.

  3. cute outfit!♥ love the hat!:) I followed you on bloglovin and google+♥ you can follow my blog too if you'd like;) hugs!

    Lorietta Bloglovin profile

    1. Following you. Thanks.

  4. You look so cool!My new blogpost is up! Hope you like it!
    Love Nilu Yuleena,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  5. nice outfit!
    love the leopard print flats and
    the hat!
    xoxo Rose

  6. Nice Dress


  7. Love your style and outfit! Absolutely stunning :)

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  8. love your look , and the place is perfect !


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