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Last Day Of October, 2013

Today as I woke up to the last day of the month, I thought about how fast the month speed past and how challenging it was for me both emotionally and physically. Although I did not take an outfit post today, I am mostly reflective of the past and hoping and praying that the next month would come with it joy unspeakable, happiness and peace.

The good thing about next month that am totally looking forward to is my dad's birthday, my mom and brothers plan on throwing him a surprise party and I am totally looking forward to how gleeful he would be. Another good thing about November is the weather, yea I love the dry air and cool breeze that comes with this season (thankfully the rain would stop) and I don't have to keep getting wet. Then the month of November bring Christmas celebration steps closer to me and also my exams (dammit).

All in all, even though this last month was blah (some exciting things happened too) I know (I believe) next month would be way better. So a toast to…

One Of Them Days

Today is like one of those days when you wake up and you have absolutely no idea what to wear. I need to start learning how to plan my attire the week before. I just wake up and dress on the whim and pretty much have to depend on my imagination and silent pray that whatever am about to wear comes together just fine.

As I rolled out of bed this morning, I kept thinking about my upcoming examinations, my bills, basically my everything and something just struck me. My brothers always says I worry a lot but naturally yours truly would disagree with them, I have to fend for myself and still look amazing (totally cute and kicking) but today waking up with soooo many thought clouding my mind, it hit me that I worry a  lot. Take a chill pill sometimes and let things work out on their own (note to self). Not that I know how to do that, but I will take a step in that direction one day at a time.

About my outfit, I acquired the skirt about four months ago from Asos and anytime I wear it people …


When I was much younger, I could wear the same color from head to toe without feeling in the least bit awkward. But as I grew, I learnt it was a fashion fail to wear matchy matchy outfit. Knowing me (I love to break rules don't tell anyone), I always do exactly the opposite of what is expected of me. Therefore, I wear matchy matchy outfit.

Fast forward to 2013, you are now allowed to do exactly that (not that it has ever stopped me though) and that is exactly what I did this morning. I did matchy matchy but not too matchy, if you know what I mean.

My take on it might be different from your take on it but personally I don't think you can go wrong with wearing the same color palette (especially if the color suits you).

This is my take on it to work, what are your thoughts.

 Then I pulled a Kim Kardashian,Yeah I did. Even if the picture was not clear, I just had to post my best Kim Kardashian Pose yep it is (am giving her a run for her money right now *wink*). A girl can dream.

Rainy Day

This morning started out like any Monday morning where you roll out of bed, push yourself through all your routine morning chores, then you look at the clock and realize that if you are not careful you would run late to work. So you dash into the bath, dash out, dress up and  hit the street to work.

But unlike every other Monday, I learnt three great lesson today. One, "Always have an alternative". Two, "Always prepare a day before" and the third and last lesson is "Never forget to carry an umbrella this season".

As I waited for my colleague to come pick me as usual, the rain came pouring. As I searched my bag, it hit me, Chiamaka you forgot your umbrella. Shit!! there was no place to run to or hide. Luckily my phone rang, excitedly I picked up the phone just for my colleague to say Chiamaka I won't be picking you up today. Oh My God, where is a taxi. The taxi park is empty, no bus and I am getting soaked.

That was basically how my Monday morning wen…

First Saturday

I originally wanted to post my take on the denim on denim trend seeing that this was going to be a restful weekend or so I thought but then I had to go to work to sort out some minor issues and since I was on the island and the beach was like five seconds away, I was there in a jiffy (**smile**) not really but that's how I am seeing it. But if you're close to the beach you go regardless of whether you're appropriately dressed or not (which is the later for me)

This is what I made of it, forgive the dull snap shots I was in a bit of a hurry when the pictures were taken and the lighting was not exactly the best.

Neon Friday

I woke up today and decided that I would look as bright as possible, it's Friday and I want to look the part. So what do you do when you want to go bright but still look corporate, you dig out your most colorful pants (not really) and wear your brightest shoe (maybe) while keeping every other part of the outfit basic. At least that what the fashion god whispered in my head when I pulled this one. I went with a flirty top to still keep things more interesting (**smile**)

Talking about Fridays, it happens to be my best day of the week. Sure most people are on this wagon with me, it ushers in the weekend that comprises of both rest and fun (isn't that what everyone dreams of during the week?). Oh My Friday, the day when rest assures me it's near (going poetic now) and everyone just take a deep breath and shares a smile with their colleague. O how I Love you Mr. Friday.
Yeah, I love Friday that much and it's also allows me more freedom in my fashion choices for the work p…