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Post Birthday Shoots

I had an amazing birthday yesterday, I thought I was just going to have an office party and go home early but was I surprised. My friends (bless their sweet hearts) organised a birthday bash for me after work and I was out dancing and laughing till around 11.30 pm oops. All in all my birthday was beautiful and I didn't want to get out of bed this morning since I just started enjoying my sleep when the alarm went off. Took a short nap and eventually woke up late, flew out of the house and got to work in record time yippee.

The good thing about black and grey is that it never fails you when you are in a mad hurry hahaha hence my outfit today. Enjoy the snap shots I took.

 Thank you for your comment and best wishes. Am very grateful for all your support and taking time to comment. And yeah last but not the least, I want to congratulate my twin brother on making a Distinction in his finals, so happy for you (and the good news just keep coming, love this month).

Birthday Girl Coming Right Out

Today is my birthday, although am just having an office party but am a year older (and hope wiser). I feel a bit old today but whatever age is just a number (consoling my aging self). I have been at my happiest for a while now and lately I have just been surrounded by people who actually love and care about me. I am just grateful for another year, another day and another reason to just reflect at both the good and the bad and see myself maturing to a better person all together.

I don't intend to blab today as I have to get back to work but I am truly happy and for that am grateful. Although am scared of sooo many uncertainties like being alone, not ever finding Mr. Right, doing all things the wrong way, failing in my career (I actually have those fear really), I know that life is full of risk and uncertainty but I will forge ahead regardless.

 Then my work outfit had to be with a jacket hence this

 Thank you for reading and I always appreciate your comment.

The New Me

The Title of this post might sound a bit cliche but I feel really amazing this morning. Most of you may not be aware but before and after my examination I went through a dark path, was off work for almost a week and basically looked and felt blah but today I woke up feeling vibrant, energized, happy and to ice this sweet chocolate cake of a day for me I got my examination result and I totally aced it. So yeah life today is good and am riding it all the way.

I know my last post was about being back to blogging but I have been kind of sick and going through a phase. Looking back at what the month started off like, I guess it was all a stepping stone to my greater joy and these blessings are all coming in at the perfect time when I need them the most.

My snapshot today is basically casual but as a lover of blue, I wore this color to lift up my spirit and oh boy is it up? hahaha. Enjoy the few snapshots and tell me all about your best color to lift your mood.

 I was a bit playful and sna…


Welcome to the new month dearies, so am officially back to blogging. Although, my life currently is a mess and am trying to clean it up I know that it will all get better. By the way, the examination was kick ass and am pretty sure I will totally ace it not sure about the remaining part of my life but my academic and work life has been amazing.

Moving forward to the good news of this month, it a month of celebrations, parties, weddings (yeah I have a lot of weddings to attend it's almost scary) and last but not the least it's my birthday month (yeah am one of those people that didn't want to miss Christmas celebrations). I know that this month no matter the challenges am going through, it will only make me stronger and better. All the haters can only hate nothing more nothing less. It's just hate and I will rise above it all.
This month is not a month of darkness, although the stress I have been experiencing has made me darker I know this month would be amazing and sp…

One More Week

Rushing through this post, I just want to welcome you all to the new week and today makes it a week to my examination. wow, time really does fly. But it's all good and I am sure the exams would be fun (fingers crossed). Anyway, I have less than a minute so have a wonderful week ahead.

 Then I did my best scary face possible lol.
  My colleague doing her ugliest face ever and me looking as good as I can.