Monday, November 24, 2014


Hello Dearies, sorry I have been out. Had to cut my vacation short due to iodide deficiency. Am not kidding, had to stay at the hospital for a bit and now am on meds for a whole month before going back for check-up. You don't want to be me right now, at least I feel rested and fatter lol.

Sadly, I would be resuming work tomorrow and I wish I still had time but at least their would be some downtime in a month I guess.

So on one of my days during my leave the weather was so hot and unbearable, I and some friends decided to make it a day at the beach. It was calming and less hot.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


 Good Morning Dearies, so I am officially on my vacation yippee. My vacation actually started about a week ago and I went to my Dad's villa to relax and be one with nature. It felt good and rejuvenating and I almost didn't want to leave. But I had to come back to Lagos for my visa. It's all good though, next stop on my vacation .......

So I decided to bring my week in pictures and leave the chitchat for later
 This is a vegetable soup I made with my cousin (Efo Riro)
 With My cute Nephew
A little Red Dress I have been obsessed with lately
 Looking like a Cow Girl for my relaxation at the Villa
 A snapshot with a masquerade at Villa during the Masquerade festival
 A full snapshot of one of the masquerade, don't you love villa?
 I went to the festival with my little bro
 Another snapshot of a masquerade 
Moi with my new all natural hair, I am not sure how long this will last.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Am so sorry that I have been unavailable, I have been swamped these days that I basically only get time to sleep in the night which is mostly mornings anyway. Although I am still really swamped, I knew that I had to post on my blog. It has been way too long and I have missed my baby and my readers.

I have to skip back to work now but I will leave you guys with this snapshots. Hope you enjoy it.

I have been semi active on instragram as it is less time consuming but I promise I would soon be active back here. My vacation is starting November, so I would be on my blog every other day.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Good Evening Y'all. I have missed my blog a bit due to so many activities during the break. Let us just say it was really memorable. Okay going with the green challenge I have set for myself, I wore a B&W outfit to work with a green and gold heels.

The light quality was really terrible as I took these snapshots really early in the morning and the sun was not yet out. So please forgive the poor quality of these snapshots. Thank you.

 Am also using this medium to say Happy New Month to you all. Would always read your comment, please do not hesitate to leave one. Got to run.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Good Day Dearies, tomorrow is my country's independence day and I am more than elated about the possibility of a holiday. Still trying to figure out what am gonna do that day, was supposed to go paint-balling with my friends but some of them have exams coming up so that has to be moved. Now am left with planning the brief holiday myself, I really don't want to sleep through out the day. But whatever happens, am still grateful for the day.

Anyway as a truly patriotic citizen I decided to wear green throughout this week but yesterday I was unable to take a snapshot of my outfit bummer hence, the omission of yesterday's post. Today since I got a bit of spare time I decided to post my ootd yippee. This break won't last long so I have to be brief, see the snapshots below

 And am also using this medium to wish my fellow blogger Jennifer Richards a happy belated birthday. Hope to hear your thoughts on my outfit and I totally appreciated the feedback I got from my last post.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Today I would be doing a post on Freedom of speech, don't worry I still have my oufit post within it but this topic has bothered on my mind for so long that I think it is wise to speak out. I know this topic is extensive and broad. And I cannot totally be able to write extensively on it without boring you guys, so I would just try to be as brief as possible.

When I read articles online, I try to see peoples perspective to these article even though I may have posted mine because sometimes others opinion might be insightful. But of late, I have not been motivated to read people comment because of the vile things they write.

So this is my two cent on this matter, If you don't have anything insightful to say "Keep Your Opinion To Yourself". One that particularly touched me recently was a self proclaimed atheist name calling people with religious believes and he's argument was that they especially Christians should be hanged and mutilated for their believes the way their ancestors did to atheist. It brings to mind this question, should people be killed for what their predecessors did?. And I say "No" because if we go down that route, no one would remain on the face of the earth. 

Looking back, violence has been something most people took to in those days as a means to show their superiority. The Jews, The Germans, The entire Western Country, The Africans, The Asians, The Christians, The Muslim, Everyone. But with the dawn of greater intellect, we should be able to think more logically and constructively while leaving the past behind and try to shape the future for the betterment of all.

The recent images of a long grey-haired and disheveled Zimmerman among other known internet trolls has confirmed that internet trolls are: cowardly loner, spending hours hunched over the keyboard, spitting out venom from the relative safety of an anonymous IP address. Yet trolls come in all shapes and sizes and many are not necessarily being anonymous. 

The rapid rise of social media over the last few years and the ease with which an audience can now communicate their approval, and their disapproval, has seen an exponential increase in this kind of trolling behaviour and general abuse, with cases of online defamation doubling year on year.

Over the last year or so, social media sites have been attacked for allowing users to post abuse about other people onto their sites. These include tweets on twitter calling for other users to be raped or killed. These posts have been implicated in a number of suicides while in one notable case, Sally Bercow, the wife of the Speaker of the UK Parliament, was found guilty of libel for a tweet she posted implying somebody else was a pedophile.

Social media platforms must take such abuse seriously. It can, and does, lead to suicides – especially if the victims already have low self-esteem. It can escalate and lead to false rumours, as happened with Lord McAlpine – libelled by Sally Bercow. Even worse, it could lead to action against the victim.

This is not a case of freedom of speech being blocked. It’s a case of free speech that is liable to cause harm to others being punished. Anybody who tries to justify abuse using arguments that they support freedom of speech is confusing “freedom of speech” with “free speech”. Freedom of Speech is the right to communicate opinions and ideas... and censoring these is one of the first signs of a restrictive society that can, and does, lead to totalitarianism. It is not, however, a right to “free speech” where you can call for the rape of women, or abuse others through words or images. Freedom of Speech also implies responsibilities that justify that freedom. So everyone's help is needed to bring these perpetrators to book. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you would make an effort to stop this form of abuse. Okay on my outfit, I was going for cool look not too colorful but still a subtle play on stripe. What do you think?.

 I always love to read your insightful comments. Thank you all for reading.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Am so sorry dearies for being unavailable for soo long, had to travel impromptu. Even after I got back, I was swamped with work but the good news is that I got to see my mum during her birthday which was totally amazing.

Anyway, today's outfit is from last week (can't really remember the day I wore it). If you have been following me on Instagram you would have seen this look on there.

Also, Coming soon would be my first ever giveaway to celebrate my blog turning a year old on the 4th of October, so please stay tuned.

Alright on my outfit, I wore an all black outfit to work and even though it felt blah to me, my boss was of the opinion that I looked like I was going for a party. As yours truly heard that, I took a snapshot of the outfit. It is not everyday my boss acknowledges my look lol.

The skirt is an old skirt my mum got me in my first year at school but I hardly wore it. Going home this past few weeks I decided to bring with me some of my old clothes and I love the mix of old and kind of new.

Would you rock suck a look to work?, would love to hear your thoughts.