Friday, July 24, 2015

Shoe Obsession

I am one of those people who are addicted to shoe (one day I will show you guys my shoe collection, yes collection) and lately white tees. I realised that white tee are actually a must in your wardbrobe. It can be dressed up or down. Used for basically all manner ( cover-up, inner, top, you name it). So I basically have been collecting white tees of recent and this one made for a perfect corporate casual look for work today.

About my sandals, I have had it for a while now but I haven't had it on my blog yet and today it spoke to me that it wanted to make an appearance lol. But really the sandals are super cute and I couldn't be complete without it (okay maybe I will).

 As usually I had to try all manner of poses to get what I wanted and the end result wasn't too shabby.

 What do you think of my simple look. And yeah about the reason I have been away. I have been reading for my examination coupled with traveling for work and scheduling a surgery(to remove a growth caused by my thyroid gland) which is in two weeks (so is my exams), I haven't been able to blog. I would be off again soon but this time I promise to keep you guys abreast of the entire situation.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Red, White and Blue

 Hello lovelies, I am happy to be back (at least kind of) and work life has been amazing for me. Today I decided to dress as corporately as I can and I loved the result.

 I know that I need to explain my where-about for the last two months and in due time I would but for now enjoy my photos of the day.
 I totally had fun taking the photos which has being a while so I am kind of camera happy. Didn't think I will miss it this much but I totally do.

 My combo was pretty simple as I didn't want to overdo my come back but it was still fashionably appropriate for work.

 I would have to go off the blog again in a week or two but when I get back, I promise to remain consistent. Thank you to all who have been sending me mails asking about me. I truly do appreciate it.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Hat Game

I have never seen a cap or hat I didn't like. And it is amazing how obsessed I get when I find a new hat whether it belongs to me or not. The one I wore today is my colleague's and I got him to give it to me (I think it did fit me better that it did him lol).

 In my country, this hat is worn by the Hausa tribe. Funny enough, I have worn hats by the three major tribes in my country and native hats always have a way of coming to me. Next stop on my tribal hat hunt is the minority tribes hats  (I can totally do it).

I am still on my weight loss journey since going through a Thyroid phase late last year. The sickness is being treated and I am happy that so far I have being responding to treatments but the weight gain and heat wave I have to combat with is not really fun as my country's climatic conditions aren't exactly cool but thankfully the raining days are here once again and I don't have to stay awake all night hoping that hundred showers would make me feel better.

Hope your week is going amazingly well as mine and many more blissful days ahead this weekend. Would love to hear your take on my hat.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Sunday Stripes

 Good evening dearies and hope your week started off well. Recently I have being experimenting with my make-up and this Sunday wasn't any different. My make-up artiste and friend (fadeshynes) did this amazing nude make-up but with a bit of drama around the eye and I loved it.

 I decided to wear stripes on Sunday and I particularly love this one I have on because it is good for getting stuck in an air-conditioned room but at the same time would not leave you sweating under the sun. I cropped my pants to show of my shoes and I loved the overall effect (effortless).

 Have a lovely week and I love to read your comment on my look.

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Monday, April 13, 2015


 Good Morning dearies, hope your weekend was amazing. Election period is finally over here and there is some much peace right now I couldn't be happier. So today, I decided to upload what I wore on Easter Sunday.

 And lastly, I am very grateful to be alive today after the threat of the Lagoon (lol). Have a wonderful week.

Monday, April 6, 2015


 Good Evening, sorry for my late post but I have being so busy trying to finish work and still have fun for the holiday. So this was my outfit for the "good Friday" which was amazingly fun and I believe I added like 30 pounds in one day.

 I felt classy yet down under (if you know what I mean) and it was perfect for running around and having fun. Also I decided to make a really odd face which my friend dared me to post (like I wouldn't)

Epic right (hahaha). Am so sad that the holiday is over but I do really need to get back to work and all, so long holiday.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Week Under Review

Good Morning dearies, sorry I have being MIA for a while now but I would just use this post to highlight my last two weeks.

Firstly, on Sunday was my sister's wedding anniversary and it was fun (at least for the both of them).
Then, Saturday was the presidential election here and so far it has being incident free (which is amazing)
Well before all that, I was sick (really sick) and the doctor attributed it to stress and put me on bed rest (well at least, I got to be off work hahaha).

And last but not the least, Easter is around the corner and I am confused as to what to do. Family reunion, Reunion with my friends, My colleague's wedding, My friend's wedding, The Weekend with my Sis and Church Retreat (so confused right now and Easter is in less than two days).

And this is my happy smile because I have an amazing news but I am not allowed to share it now but soon my dearies sooon.