Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Cup Of Tea

Good Afternoon Dears, Sorry for not posting on time. Being trying to get my work up to speed and I had some training (at least this time I was a trainee lol). Anyway, this past few days have been pretty fast, it is like this year wants to end as quickly as possible but it all good at least I have achieved some of my goals by God's grace.

Every morning I have a habit of taking tea, before it was black coffee but I was advised by my doctor to desist from that habit so I moved to morning teas. My day doesn't start without my morning tea boost and today was no different either. I just happened to snap with my tea mug that I got last Christmas and would not allow it to sit for only festive period. I use it all year round.

These snapshots is to my mug for being my morning bestie lol
   Obviously after taking my tea, I was ready to take the show on the road.  Thank you tea for your trusty boost.
  What are your morning routines like?, I hope to hear from you.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Good Morning dearies, Today's outfit is centered around this little yellow number I acquired recently. It brightens up a day and it perfect for work.

The trick to wearing a bright color to work is to keep the rest of your outfit neutral so as not to get called to the HR office (no one like that not even me, I avoid them like a plague). Anyway, when I got this dress, all I wanted to do was play with colors while wearing it but as per my usual step I take office look one step at a time. First comes the subdued look (which is this look I wore yesterday) and the next time this dress would be featured here would be the crazy on color look.

Thanks for all your suggestions for my mum's birthday gift and I hope what we have chosen to give her would make her day.

I write too much, see the snapshots below:

 I need to invest in a steamer lol. Anyway, the rest of my outfit was pretty basic. So what are your thoughts?

Monday, September 1, 2014


Happy Monday my dear readers and Happy New Month. I love the month of September so much because my mum's birthday is on the 9th and am totally excited for her to reach her big 50. Am sure she more excited than I am but I am really excited for her but I still don't have a clue as to what to get her. Every year, I and my siblings come together to do something exciting but this year we are totally out of IDEAS. So I need your help, what would you get the best mum in the whole wide world on her 50th birthday?. Hope to get your feed-backs.

On Friday I decided to wear a two piece to work. I have always wanted to rock this trend at work but I was not able to get the perfect two piece that would be work appropriate until I stumbled on this gorgeous pair. At first it felt too boho for work but then I worked my magic and transformed it into a work ready outfit. Okay, my trusty blazer did that lol.

 It looks more like a dress but it is actually a crop top and a skirt. What do you think, did I make it work for a corporate casual Friday and would you wear something similar to work? So sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. Would do better next time. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Happy Thursday to everyone, It is just a few days to the weekend and I can't wait. Although my reason isn't to have fun during the weekend but so I can get my presentation over with. My last day for presentation is this Friday and I am happy to bring this training and presentation to an end. I am not a shy person by any means so doing presentations should not be difficult right?, wrong, try dummfying how to value a company to people with no clue as to what you are yapping about but it has to be done and am doing it till Friday.

The training continues today but I got some free time, so I decided to update my blog with what I wore today. I have been wearing flats a lot lately because I have to be on my feet almost all day asides walking around the conference room to make sure everyone is following. Never teach in heels you would definitely regret it unless it for a short period, mine is from morning till evening.
As usual I had to wear a jacket with the look and I have been wearing this H&M blazer that I got recently. I just can't be separated from it. I guess some of you understand me, right?
 What piece in your closet can't you be found without?, mine is this blazer. Have a wonderful day, I hope to get your feedback.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Good Morning y'all, I have been down with cold and mad headache. I just want the the hot weather to come already, am tired of this waiting game. Anyway, my nose has been running non-stop and I can't even go anywhere without handkerchiefs and inhaler. How is this fair but today I decided to snap for my blog regardless of how I was feeling.

Since I have been totally down I have been wearing simple outfits with as little make-up and jewelries as possible as any scent make me sneeze and I really don't need any form of load weighing me down. I have also been exercising more and my bone has been aching me. So lets just say I feel like crap but it's all good, this cup would pass over me.

The outfit was basically a white and black dress and a newly acquired blazer ( I totally have a thing for black blazers). See the snap shots below:

 What do you guys think? this is officially the longest it has taken me to write a post and take snapshots, I kept sneezing all through.

Friday, August 22, 2014


So it has been raining non-stop since yesterday and I got drenched in the rain meaning am freezing to my bone. Still there is need for me to be at work today as I had a presentation this morning by 7:40am and subsequently at 9.00am. A typical day here is usually hot so most time people buy scarves when they need to wrap their hair and which I am not really into.

Recently, one  of my aunts got me this gorgeous scarf and I have been wondering what she was thinking but now it came in handy for me today. As the air conditioner was blowing cold air, yours truly was prepared to battle the external and internal cold. My outfit today is basically premised on the cold I have. I thought the hot season was here to stay but was I wrong, when would this rain stop.

Enough of my rambling, the outfit was really simple and warm. See below;

 This was my only way to battle with the cold and still look professional enough to make a presentation. And today I realized that a scarf can make a huge difference to an outfit while still keeping you warm.

 What are your thoughts? and TGIF, How would you be spending the weekend. Mine would be spent with my significant other, my younger bro and cousins. yippe. Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Green Crazy

Dear All, Thank you for your encouragements. It meant the world to me. Today, I woke up late with no outfit idea in mind so I went for trusty LBD but not to be stuck in a style rot I added a multi-colored blazer. Then I capitalized on the green part to add different shades of green as accessory.

Not to be too out there my outfit today was basically so I don't look like a bore. An LBD with pumps would look too understated for me (everyone at work would be wondering if someone died) and since I was too drowsy to come up with anything other than an LBD, I made it the center of my outfit where every other piece played against.

 My plaid jacket has a way of working magic on anything I pair it with, It amazing. It takes a blah outfit to another level of awesome and it is never boring.
If I am ever asked for a piece in my wardrobe that I can't live without, it would be this plaid jacket. It is boxy, plaid and stunning. What more can one ask from a jacket.

I also went a bit green crazy trying out all shades (okay not all but most shades) of green in my closet and it didn't turn out bad at all. In short, I loved it.

What are your thoughts? Love to always get your feedback. Have a lovely day.